DB Plus 440

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General information[contribute]

The DB Plus 440 is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1987 to 1991.

Bob (December 15, 2008): DB+ was custom house brand speakers made(by API) for a company called Majestic that sold electronics back in the 80's in Toronto. They were so popular that other stores started buying them. I sold many of them when I worked for that company. They were considered the poor mans Energy because the used a very similar tweeter.


David (January 21, 2010): In the 1st 2 photos at the left, the woofer has been replaced. These are the original tweeters.

robert greenspan (May 5, 2010): i own db plus 440 speakers which were bought at a recycle shop for five dollars if you can believe the price. They have been excellent valus and power the sound of movies and fm reception for me.; an incredible value

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