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Regnar web site (December 2003): Throughout history, no art form has been able to stir or soothe the soul as profoundly and passionately as music, the voice of our souls. For more than 27 years, Dahlquist has endeavored to deliver that very passion through its loudspeakers. The driving force behind Dahlquist's Research and Development is a commitment to reproduce pure, natural sound in it's content's original form – just as the artist intended.

Dahlquist has sought out state-of-the-art technical advancements to create the next generation of loudspeakers the Dahlquist QX series. We have employed innovative engineering, newly developed high tech materials, proprietary driver components and powerful computer modeling to advance the accuracy, transparency and musicality of our loudspeakers.

While embracing technology, Dahlquist has remained committed to its legendary craftsmanship, believing that building a great loudspeaker system is an art form in itself. The result is a spacious three-dimensional, true-to-life reproduction of sound that meets the demands of today's discerning listeners.


Regnar web site (December 2003): The Dahlquist brand name has a long and storied audio history, and even today the venerable Dahlquist DQ-10 speaker, which was last produced decades ago, has many fans still talking about it virtues. But Dahlquist is new again, as the original company ceased production some time ago and a Canadian firm, Jonic International, has since brought the name back. Although Jonic has no intention of resurrecting Dahlquist designs from years gone by, they maintain that the new Dahlquist still stands for the innovation and commitment to high-quality sound that established the name in the first place.

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