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Dynamic Solutions web site (October 24, 2009): In 1996, Dynamic Solutions in the business to include a separate section entirely devoted to this significant development of high-end speaker systems.

Since then systematically worked to identify problem areas. Principles for the product were redefined and the entire production process critically monitored. Step by step improvements were achieved and if Dynamic Solutions rightly say they anticipate musical developments. The uitkristaliseren of a product is a lengthy and important step, after proper evaluation and create new insights. Sometimes it seems followed a counterproductive way to work and there is always that stubborn reality of a live performance, the concert hall. Dynamic Solutions strives to set a high goal, and promises that she is doing her best and will continue to do to achieve that goal. Dynamic Solutions is committed to environmentally responsible production processes and products. This derives from the choices made in the materials used in Dynamic Solutions products, the principles for product development and manufacturing organization.

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