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General information[contribute]

The ESS ESS-7 is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1973 to 1976.

Jim Ferguson (September 23, 2002): A close friend had a pair of ESS-7's in the '70s. My recollection is that they were a three way dynamic system, utilizing the KEF oblong woofer, a Peerless 4" paper cone midrange and a Peerless tweeter. I could be wrong about the tweeter. Visually, they looked like minature Transtatics. They had a walnut slab for the base and top with black grill cloth in between. He bought them used, so I don't know the original retail price. It seems to me it was around $400 each. It isn't much, but thought it might help put the pieces together.

Kevin Gong (December 12, 2002): The ESS 7 was a very short version of the Translinear. It was classifly as a bookshelf speaker. It was listed for about $400 per pair.

John Huston (March 30, 2009): I have a pair of ESS - Seven speakers. One with walnut and one with rosewood tops. I bought them in Germany in 1974. They cost me about $250 each and I have been trying to find the specs so I can replace the woofers. This was the first site which I found that mentioned anything about them. Thanks for the input.

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