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Dynamic Speakers

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Ecotherm web site (Google translation from German)(October 27, 2009): We manufacture our speaker enclosure made of clay. Sound is an archaic material that we are still enthusiastic. He is original, natural and ancient.

On the one hand and on the other side just as versatile applicable. In soft state almost indefinitely malleable and burned harder than marble. For speaker enclosure has a good sound damping properties when used in a special way, we - we have fully investigated in our test series. (And pioneering work done) at all we have experimented a lot with sound.

The idea of this material to build speaker cabinets came to our company president Thomas Kerstiens when he (one day was 1988) saw a large clay pot. He developed using modern acoustic methods of measurement accompanied by countless listening sessions, and gradually matured from production models.

On quality, we have placed great emphasis from the outset, only high-quality technology is used - sometimes for us to be special speaker chassis manufactured by reputable manufacturers. Another important feature is the quality of our manual production of enclosures. We not use it to build the body Ceramic Giekeramik together by hand.

The elaborate craftsmanship significant manufacturing process contributes to the distinctive appearance of each sound-in speaker. What comes out is impressive to hear. Beautiful rugged low-maintenance speaker with excellent sound characteristics.

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