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Dynamic Speakers

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TAC (October 27, 2009): The Ektif website is currently offline.

Ektif web site (October 27, 2009): Ektif is an exciting new alliance between Mass Europe BV and Protech Audio BV, both groups have a driving interest in the research, development and production of high end audio products in pursuit of the purest form of sound reproduction. Protech has delivered on their promise by developing technology to remove the reacitive energy from within the speaker cabinet. This means that the vibrations of the cabinet are no longer a factor in the sound of a reproduction. Now you can hear your music the way it was intended. Whilst Protech has pioneered the enclosure design, Mass Technologies has developed a way for you to hear the sound reproductions as you would in the first generation. Nature reveals that sound never originates from a single space in time alone. Even the human voice is a rich collection of frequencies over time that originate from different areas within the body. By manipulating the phasings within the frequencies, Mass has developed a patented technique {N.L.F.P} to nurture the sound in order for it to reach you with it’s original impact. Mass delivers the sound to you as you would here it in the studio - a lush collection of frequencies over time!

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