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Elan web site (January 27, 2010): ELAN Audio was formed by Poul Kirk in 1995 to continue the trends started by himself and his associates more than 35 years ago, in the design and manufacture of high quality Broadcast Audio Equipment. The company is now the leading Australian manufacturer of Professional Broadcast Audio Equipment and is located in South Guildford, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, 12 KM from the Perth CBD, and only 4 KM from the Perth Airport.

ELAN Audio is thriving and supplying an ever increasing amount of Professional Broadcast Audio Equipment to the two Australian Government Broadcasters, ABC and SBS, virtually all of the Australian Commercial Broadcasters including all the major Commercial Networks, many Community Radio Broadcasters and is developing a healthy export trade. ELAN Audio respects and enjoys a large amount of client confidentiality and by choice on the surface to appear as a Low KeyŁ operation. We protect our customers by not advertising or revealing their plans or reveal contract details to other clients or to the media without express permission.

At Elan Audio, we consider Professional Broadcast Audio Equipment to be the Tools of the BroadcasterŁ on which he depends to operate and gain revenue. These ToolsŁ must have Excellent Technical Performance and be Tough, Durable and Reliable. They must also be Easy and Forgiving to operate, be of High Quality Construction and finish, have Smart and Attractive styling and above all Sound goodŁ. The Engineers and other staff at Elan Audio are all keen music lovers and actually spend time making critical listening tests on new equipment designs to evaluate its Sonic QualityŁ to supplement performance measurements which can at times be somewhat misleading.

At Elan Audio, we all genuinely appreciate high quality audio reproduction and have the firm belief that Professional Broadcast Equipment should be High FidelityŁ and must provide the highest quality audio signal from the Studio Equipment right through to the Transmission System. The standard multiplexed FM Stereo broadcast system used worldwide is inherently capable of very high quality sound transmission so why not make the best use of it. Studio Equipment from Elan Audio is of course compatible and suitable for any other form of Audio Broadcasting, such as Digital Audio Broadcasting, Wired Systems, Standard AM Medium or Short Wave as well as Satellite Digital and Internet Broadcasting.

Elan Audio strongly supports the use of Digital Audio Technology for large and complex Broadcast Systems and for Audio Production where the digitised audio is handled in the one format throughout the system. Large Broadcast Systems operators such as the ABC, the SBS and the major Commercial Radio Networks, normally employ qualified technical staff to maintain and repair faulty equipment.

They also as a matter of course fully duplicate critical systems, purchase the necessary and expensive test equipment, test jigs, and spare parts required for maintenance when the system is first installed as equipment modules suffering major problems usually require Return to FactoryŁ for repairs. This is unfortunately not the case with smaller operators who for economical reasons cannot afford to emulate the major broadcasters in this regard.

For reasons of MaintainabilityŁ, Elan Audio recommend conventional Audio Equipment and Analog Technology for smaller operators such as Community Broadcasters, as Analog Equipment can be maintained and repaired easily by normal Human BeingsŁ using standard test equipment and readily available spare parts. All Elan Audio Broadcast On-Air Mixers and other Professional Broadcast Audio products are based on Analog Technology but making extensive use of Microprocessors for control.

All detail design work on Elan Audio Equipment is done at our South Guildford premises making extensive use of Computer Assisted Design CADŁ and of course our practical experience accumulated over more than 35 years in the Radio Broadcast Industry. In addition to our In House Design TeamŁ, Elan Audio has access to a number of specialist Digital and Software Consultants, commissioned as required to produce special Digital Design and Software solutions for special projects.

For manufacturing, Elan Audio employ the highest quality sub-contractors and suppliers in Western Australia to provide High Quality Metal Work, Wood and Cabinet Work, Painting, Silk Screening, Printed Circuit Boards, PCB Assembly. Final Assembly, Testing and Quality Control, is done In HouseŁ at our premises in South Guildford. All materials and components used are Professional or Best Grade Commercial, carefully chosen to ensure long equipment life, and ready availability of spare parts for many years to come. Although Elan Audio equipment is designed to be extremely reliable, based on the principle of not StressingŁ any component unnecessarily, breakdowns will occur from time to time.

For this reason, Elan equipment is designed so it can be readily understood, maintained and repaired by normal Technicians and not by Factory Trained Specialists. The general policy of Elan Australia also differs from most other manufacturers by showing and divulging all circuit details in the manuals supplied with the equipment. To further ease maintenance, all circuit boards are readily removable, and all conventional Integrated Circuits installed in high quality Machined PinŁ IC Sockets. Our firm beliefs are, that once the equipment is purchased, clients deserve Low Cost of OwnershipŁ without having to purchase very expensive replacement Sub-Assemblies, or having to return printed circuit board assemblies to the factory for repairs. The validity of this design philosophy is illustrated by the fact that some items of broadcast equipment designed by Poul Kirk 29 years ago are still in daily service.


Thorlakson Family (July 2002): The Elan speakers were designed, manufactured, and sold by Rogersound Labs. Rogersound Labs (RSL) was a regional audio/video dealer with several locations in So. CA.

If I recall, the Elans were last sold around '86 or so. They were floor standing, with a fairly decent sound for the price (maybe a little thick in the mid-base). Can't remember much more ... Try checking old LA Times Sunday Calendar (center page) section ads for rough specs and retail pricing (kinda of a needle in a hay stack exercise).

Unfortunately, Rogersound Labs closed their doors in the early 90's.

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