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Solid State Amplifiers

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Electrocompaniet website (January 2001): Eelectrocompaniet introduced their first amplifier over 25 years ago. The design were based upon a new approach to transistor amplifier design developed by Dr. Matti Otala and Jan Lohstro. The result of their innovative design work were incorporated in the first EC design, the legendary 25 watt amplifier.

EC's experimentation based on this new design and EC's desire to create transparent, neutral powerful amplifiers led EC's search for, and discovery of, a new way of using feedback in amplifiers. Since then EC have experienced fewer design limitations. Years of comprehensive testing and research have resulted in the current DUAL MONO CLASS A balanced designs using a different approach to the output stage not seen in other amplifiers.

A new technique called floating transformer technique (FTT), has further improved the products. Taking them closer to what it's all about, faithful reproduction of music. All Electrocompaniet products are made by highly skilled technicians, and extensively tested for maximum performance and reliability. Electrocompaniet amplifiers are sold in more then 25 countries, providing the ultimate listening pleasure to dedicated music lovers world-wide.

Music really does matter. Per Abrahamsen, Designer

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