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Empire Scientific web site (November 25, 2009): Empire Scientific is a leading supplier of batteries, chargers, and accessories to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers in the cellular, video, and cordless telephone segments of the consumer electronics industry. We offer the most comprehensive and up to date product mix of inventory found under one roof. We also offer a full line of industrial grade Sealed Lead Acid batteries called Rhino. We offer product under our flagship brand name Empire as well as private label and bulk packaging. We also have short and long run production capabilities for custom assembly work of items that are not currently on our product list. A service that some of the most recognized companies in the world use.

Empire Scientific, with manufacturing headquarters in Deer Park, New York, has a proud forty year tradition in the consumer electronics industry. In its colorful past, Empire was known for producing high quality turntables, cartridges, and high fidelity loudspeakers, recognized by audiophiles for their outstanding performance.

Empire first offered batteries and accessories for camcorders in the early 1980īs, and has since expanded to offer quality replacement batteries and accessories for cellular phones, cordless phones and replacement lead acid batteries for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and security applications along with two-way, medical and laptop batteries.

David Morgan (March 9, 2006): Started in the late 50's as Dyna-Empire Inc. and made quite a splash with the Empire turntables and loudspeaker ranges, but later became one of the biggest manufacturer of phonographic pickups. The spares and stylus supply operation was sold to Russel Lind, the pickup manufacture operation to Benz Micro and the company itself currently only assembles batteries for camcorders and mobile phones.

John Irving (January 5, 2007): Empire Scientific had its heyday in the 1960s with the Troubadour turntables, Cavalier and Grenadier loudspeakers - all heavyweights in weight... and decor. Empire survived well into the 1970s, mostly with its cartridge and stylus lineups, and later on faded into this - empires never last as long as they would fancy to.

However, Benz Micro took over the stock of Empire cartridges, know-how and tooling and became one of the most recognized makers of high-end audiophile MC cartridges - empire often change into something else rather than completely disappear.

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