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Equation web site (Febuary 3, 2010): At Mutine we chose a daring route, which consists of constantly questioning and challenging our own choices and to validate improvements only when they bring more musicality and emotion.

The Mutine selection and matching of products is the result of more than 30 years of relentless research. Mutine is an unconventional entity, being both manufacturer and distributor of a limited selection of the finest high-end products in the world, brought together for their complementary qualities.

The Mutine selection is in constant but unhurried evolution. Year round, long time partners, relatives, reviewers and customers all over the world listen to new products and inform us, because they share our philosophy, when they feel they have heard something interesting.

Whenever a new product comes to our knowledge and we consider it superior to ours, we will first try our best to improve our current product, and should we fail, we will select the new one. If the superior product is not available to us, we will go as far as to remove the inferior product we offer.

If our product list is often incomplete, it is because we didn’t select the missing components; we don’t like to sell “products” but rather musical results.

At Mutine, the choices are first and foremost based on musicality. Then the product is gauged in terms of performance, reliability, stability and long-term support.

In those 30 years, thousands of listening sessions have been conducted, on all imaginable products, venturing from the usual amplifiers, speakers and sources to less addressed but so vital components such as shelves (one session involved 140 of them), cones (we were part of the team that created them in the late seventies!), cables (we were amongst those pioneers using the first audio-dedicated cables), mains filters, and last but not least, room acoustics (we have been involved in the improvement or design of more than 1400 end users’ auditoriums).

The Mutine concept is a way of life. In this never ending race, it is there to remind us to stop, appease our spirit, and allow music to flow in our heart and soul.

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