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Etalon Acoustics web site (November 4, 2009): Rounding up the presence of world famous Hungarian composers and performers in the art of music, Etalon Acoustics is working in the field of reproduced music. Working as consultant and representative for the world famous Danish companies Bruel & Kjaer (over 14 years) and for Ortofon (over 12 years) after more than 25 years of research work, Laszo Sallay established two small companies, SONOPHIL Ltd (dealing with music recordings and CD production) and ETALON Acoustics Ltd to manufacture high-end audio products. From the microphones in the recording room up to the loudspeakers used in the listening room of music lovers at home, ETALON is the only company in the world with an activity range and self developed products that span this entire field. SONOPHIL has recorded more than 60 CDs in the past years for world famous companies, such as Hungaroton, CBS, Naxos and Harmonia Mundi France.

Famous conductors and composers like Claudio Abbado, Leonard Bernstein, John Cage, Sergiu Celibidache, Peter Etvas, Ivan Fisher, Kobayashi Ken Ichiro, Zoltan Kocsis, Gyargy Kurtag, Gyargy Ligeti and Sandor Szokolay were all very impressed by our work. Leonard Bernstein recommended the small Hungarian company to Deutsche Grammophon. After several recordings with Maestro Sergiu Celibidache and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, were so impressed by the "authentic sound" of SONOPHIL recordings, that the Maestro recommended the company to Philips Classics. SONOPHIL has received the highest acknowledgement from the top management of Denon too. Among many musicians and artists who use our equipment at home, the world famous jazz-pianist Michel Petrucciani chose ETALON to listen to music at his home in Paris. He became an ETALON fanatic, and we will miss his comments and feedback forever.

Comparisons of ETALON amplifiers, cables and loudspeakers have shown, that these products are at least on the level of the most famous products (see tests in Home Studio Holland; Revue du Son, Haute Fidelite and Diapason France; Stereo, High Fidelity, Hoer Erlebnis Forum and Hi Fi Vision Germany; Alta Fidelidad Spain; Hi Fi World - UK, Fedelta del Suono, Stereo, Suono, and Audio Review Italy; Ihos - Greece). ETALON amplifiers have been compared to Audio Research, Jadis, Lectron, Cello, Conrad Johnson, Primare, Accuphase, Burmester, Gryphon, YBA, Goldmund, Naim Audio, Linn, Mark Levinson, Krell, Threshold, Jeff Rowland, Spectral, Classe Audio, FM Acoustics, etc. etc.

Since 1992 ETALON products received the award of the best products of the year "Diapason D'Or ", for over 6 years, in Paris. In 1998 Etalon received the Oscar award in Italy.

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