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TAC (October 27, 2009): The Euro Acoustics website is currently offline.

Euro Acoustics web site (Febuary 3, 2010): Euro Acoustics Oy Ltd is a small privately held family company founded on 9.9.1999 in EU / Finland / Vantaa (the picture above) by Arto Jaaskelainen. The company is dedicated to manufacture high performance loudspeakers for studio and home use. A lot of effort is always put on the engineering, testing and listening cycle prior to publishing a new model to make sure the performance and design of EuroAcoustics speakers will exceed your expectations. Labor intensive woodwork of the loudspeakers is sub-contracted abroad while the rest of the manufacturing like installing electronics & loudspeaker elements are done in (EU / Finland).


Euro Acoustics web site (October 27, 2009): Since 1999 we have been dedicated building exceptional loudspeakers for those who want "something different". EuroAcoustics speakers are both unique and rare. Our philosophy has always been building speakers which do not sound like ordinary speakers, which do not look like ordinary speakers and which do not perform like ordinary speakers. That uncompromized design idea is reflected throughout, starting from strong mechanical design down to smallest electronic parts used inside our speakers. Building speakers that way isn't cheap, it neither makes a mass product or a best-seller but the best thing: You will get what you pay for.

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