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Eventus Audio web site (October 27, 2009): EVENTUS Audio is an Italian Company born on the first day of the year 2000. Thanks to this EVENTUS Audio has conquered the title First Company of the Third Millennium. EVENTUS Audio is born thanks to competence, to the passion, to the intuition and wish to offer a high quality products.

Three founders... Domenico, Luca and Roberto. Three different persons with three different know-how! But with the unique idea to create the exclusive in the High End market. And thanks to their vision now EVENTUS Audio is a real company who produces exclusive loudspeakers for special people who want only the best in their life.

Domenico is the designer of each EVENTUS Audio's products and he's also the Ćace of the company. The patented SACC Technology comes out from his mind! And also every other new version of the technology. The use of the EA-HDR material was his idea and thanks to his intuition EVENTUS Audio is one of the two or three companies in the audio market who uses a different material indeed of the classic MDF.

Luca checks "the numbers" of the EVENTUS Audio starting from general accounting up to analytical accounting. He is the business reference for collaborations and partnership. Togheter Domenico, Luca, travel during the shows in Las Vegas and Munich giving his support to the company.

Roberto takes care of the relationships with the world of the institutional investors. Moreover, he takes care of the relationships with the customers and the suppliers (from the orders to the payments). He also take care for the final quality control of the products before the shipment. In the factory, with a 1.200 square meter of total covered surface, are made the design and the production of the loudspeakers. The whole production process which includes the ideation, the planning, the realization, the quality control, the packing and the shipment.

EVENTUS Audio uses the patented SACC Technology for its loudspeakers. The SACC Technology is patented in the whole world and its make EVENTUS Audio different from the other loudspeakers Companies. So, the question is: why buying an EVENTUS Audio's product when there're many other Companies that produce good products? The answer is EVENTUS Audio's products are unique in this market thanks to their style, sound and materials! But it's important to keep in mind another thingthe philosophy! Here, in EVENTUS Audio, everyone think in terms of quality and exclusivity. Every pair of loudspeakers needs a long time to be completed. The reason is that we use an unique system to create the cabinet of our products. Our method is different from all others and needs for more attention and time. The result of this is that our products are special and, let me say, better then any other.

One of the most complicate thing to do is to join the excellent sound performance with the aesthetics look. Yes, it's very hard to reach a good design in terms of shape, colors, dimension joined with perfects technical characteristics. Only in EVENTUS Audio this is possible and real thanks to our patented SACC Technology! Look at Metis, iO, Lysithea, Nebula, Galathea, Phobos, Janus, Sophis and discover the other face of the HiEnd. The nice face of this world.

Thanks to its patent Technology, EVENTUS Audio is able to realize loudspeakers with shape, design and technical characteristics of high level.

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