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Expolinear web site (November 4, 2009): Expolinear was founded with the objective of producing high-quality transducer for the discerning music lover. The technical development path led us through the construction of exponential-and transmission-line speakers towards the optimized our system of Passivmembrankonzeption with resonant circuit line as well Bassrefelexkonstruktionen.

Our desire is for 28 years, with very good dynamic components to the limits of sound and technically feasible to achieve, and with as many components on the market would be compatible. Through the research and development of the company Expolinear constant influx of new insights into the ongoing production. It is our aim, with the best products on the world market to compete and to provide you with an excellent price-performance ratio the better value of sound, materials and service. Positive press reports in Germany and abroad have confirmed this statement.

On the large domestic and international trade fairs every year, we present our news. The speakers Expolinear program is distributed in Germany and internationally. The Expolinear model series, you can get from authorized dealers. The love of music is our driving force and this you can feel it with each of our products.


Expolinear web site (November 4, 2009): Electroacoustics was founded in 1981 with the aim of producing transducer at the highest level. Since 28 years we ensure by constant development and the quality of components optimized to the known very high standard of Expolinear products. Our Speakers Program is distributed in Germany and internationally.

1990 launches Expolinear the development and distribution of high quality and electrodynamic Isodynamic Ribbon tweeter.

1985 Expolinear began with the distribution of Germany High-end electronics products, E.g. TUBE TECHNOLOGY Tube electronics and Pliny Transistor electronics.

2006 Expolinear Germany takes over the distribution for Perreaux High End Electronics New Zealand.

The Expolinear NF and speakerCables complete the distribution program. For Berlin and East Germany Expolinear serves as a commercial representation of products Dynavector Pickup LUXMAN Electronics, BEST-WIRE Cable ACOUSTIC SOLID Turntable DEMION Switching, CAYIN Tube electronics and BfK collection Media Furniture. Furthermore, they may legendary "Dr. Podszus" Gorlich Chassis from us, we also offer a repair and upgrade service.

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