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Gershman Acoustics web site (July 15, 2009): The Gershman Acoustics testing and manufacturing facilities are located in a small business park outside North York, Ontario/ Canada while the Canadian National Research Council's anechoic chambers and state-of-the-art measuring gear is also used during the R&D process of any new Gershman models [read more about that in our chapter At the NRC].

The attractive stylist inherent in any Gershman model is immediately evident. The exotic shape of the top three designs is no accident. Based on the strongest architectural design known to man, the pyramidal enclosures are built to exacting standards, eliminating resonances and sonic refractions. The audio press has extensively documented this success story.

To achieve desired sonic results, nothing has been spared. Components are chosen with a strict set of standards. Prototype and production models are tested in the anechoic chamber of the Canadian Research Council, as well as in carefully selected auditioning rooms which duplicate a wide variety consumer homes. Gershman Acoustics also makes extensive use of computerized test equipment to ensure world-class performance.

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