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Gobel web site (May 2009): The basic principle of a bending wave loudspeaker. In order to illustrate the basic principle of a bending wave loudspeaker, the following image is very helpful:

Just imagine you are throwing a stone into a lake! The water surface is being destabilised by this impulse. This shows, as we can witness a wave that propagates equally to each side. A bending wave loudspeaker is based on the same principle: A wave front is being raised on a membrane (in our case the water surface) by an electrodynamic exciter (in our case the stone). This wave front propagates on the membrane, exactly like the wave front on the water surface. A bending wave has emerged. Due to the changes of air pressure resulting from this wavefront we hear an acoustic noise.


Gobel web site (May 2009): Natural sound production

For more than a decade now, Oliver Gobel, the founder and main developer of Gobel, concentrates on researching the stiff bending wave principle, a very complexe sound technology patented for the first time in 1923. At the moment the English company NXT holds some of the patents which are related to this technology.

With the development of the patented Gobel bending wave loudspeaker, formed on the basis of the principles of instrumental sound production, we have succeeded in creating a speaker that fascinates not only by its flat design but also particularly by its amazingly realistic sound reproduction - a loudspeaker that due to its incredible resolution and speed in particular leaves all conventional loudspeakers in its shadow.

Therefore the patented Gobel-speaker with its nine-layered wooden membrane and the precisely lasercut incisions is the element at the heart of each Gobel high-end loudspeaker system.

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