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Granite Audio (May 2009): Granite Audio is a system concept. A system with true synergy. All our components are sonically matched to sound right together.

Granite Audio amplifiers, speakers, and cables are handcrafted in-house using the finest name-brand audiophile quality parts and materials. From our highly polished non-resonant acrylic-granite speakers to our pure gold & silver parts; every Granite Audio product follows our tradition of excellent build quality and exceptional musical sound.

The Granite Audio designers are life-long musicians as well as engineers. That is why our products sound so live and musical. President Don Hoglund plays piano and was in the Denver Metropolitan Piano Festival from 1961 to 1964, and preceded Liberace in the 1964 concert. Designer Jim Munzer plays bass and acoustic guitar with High Sierra.

We've spent years listening to live instruments for hours every day. We custom design our products to make it sound like you are on the stage with us, listening to real live vocalists and real instruments. When you listen to Diana Krall play the piano on our system, you will feel like you are sitting at the bench with the bass strings vibrating on your left and the melody running up and down the keyboard octaves on your right, with Diana sitting on top of the concert grand piano singing to you in person. You will hear the delicate smack as she parts her lips, draws a breath, and sings "I'm Through With Love" to you in person. You don't just hear our 3-dimensional sound stage, you're on the stage involved in the live performance.


Granite Audio (May 2009): Granite Audio started out as a hobby 25 years ago. I was one of only two people in Arizona doing audiophile quality restorations on vintage tube amplifiers, such as McIntosh & Marantz. I was also collecting and restoring antique vacuum tube radios, specializing in the big 12 to 40-tube high-fidelity sets from the 1930's. I did audiophile type capacitor upgrades on the old radios as well.

As a professional cabinetmaker and audiophile I had been building my own speaker designs for years already. In the mid 70's two friends of mine in the disk mastering business in L.A. collaborated with me to design a studio monitor speaker. They were frustrated with the accuracy of the available monitors and needed a speaker they could rely on for their disk mastering businesses. We made several production runs of the "Kenlund Studio Monitor" and more than two decades later these monitors are all still in use by professionals from Arizona to Beverly Hills to Idaho.

In 1977 my venture became Don's Custom Cabinets. In 1983 the business grew and I incorporated as Broadway Cabinetworks, Ltd. In 1995 I decided to expand our presence in audio and take on the task of developing a complete tube system. After several years of R&D we debuted our Granite Audio system concept at Stereophile's HI-FI'98 in Los Angeles, California. Many other manufacturers had been working on using alternative speaker cabinet materials during the same time. But, we were the first to successfully bring an entire acrylic-granite integrated synergistic system to market.

I had certain design criteria in mind when I developed our product line. My main criteria was to design products that I would want to own and listen to. My products had to please me visually and musically. The amps had to be pure vacuum tube designs. I use vacuum tube rectification, amplification, and regulation. Many audiophiles are married and find themselves frustrated with trying to place the speakers and amplifiers in the optimum listening positions while their wives wanted the black boxes hidden from view to maximize their decorating tastes. I decided to build a system that would be as pleasing to the wife's sense of decor as it was to the audiophile's sense of music enjoyment. The last demand I put on my products was to use the best available parts and materials to insure long life and reliability.

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