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Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Speakers
MP3 Players
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Tape Decks
Valve Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Gert (February 7, 2006): Grundig was the world leader in tapedeck manufacturing after 1955. This was taken from the Japanese companies after 1970. It was Europes largest radio and tapedeck company all the time up to 1990, when the way to go bankrupt was entered. The number of tapedeck models was really large. Have a look into a German history and galery with pictures here


Gert (February 7, 2006): Founded before WW2, worlds largest radio manufacturer in 1952, worlds largest tapedeck manufacturer in 1955, huge losses after VHS killed Video 2000, bankruped round about 1999.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

John McEnroe (January 2002):The Grundig Majestic, model 1088 USA, manufactured in 1957 has electrostataic tweeters. Below follows a description of this unit. A press of one of the five ivory piano key type pushbuttons brings the bright twin lamped Dial Scale to life...the World's Airwaves awaits you!

Listing exotic locales around the Globe...from Turkey to Tangiers...the weighted ivory and brass trimmed Tuning Knob provides smooth as silk accurate, sensitive Tuning, with extended Band Coverage of 510-1630 kHz on AM, 6-16 MHz on Shortwave and FM Coverage from 88-108 MHz...whether AM talkshows, FM classical music, or International DXing, this classic Grundig's five tube lineup of: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, and a powerful EL84 Telefunken output tube will provide superb audio and reception through its large center mounted woofer and twin side electrostatic tweeters. Separate golden ivory thumbwheel adjustments for Bass and Treble with red windowed display and further Tonal Adjustments...with three pushbuttons for Speech, Orchestra, and Jazz!

On the flawless wooven gold grill cloth there is a brass Grundig logo and "1088" emblem, upper right Brass hooded Magic Eye. All ivory trim flawless European Retro designed cabinet stands on slanted legs. The original "Sunburst" finish has the usual crazing to German Receivers of this era. The unit has FM Dipole Antenna, Internal Ferrite Antenna, inputs for external Antenna, Phono/ Tape.

John McEnroe (January 2002): Grundig electrostatic/electret tweeters used were in a beautiful vacuum tube Grundig stereo set I listened to before (tragically) dismembering it, and it sounded great with it's single-ended tube amp outputs into some alnico woofers and these tweeter units! They appear to be an electret, similar to some of the best headphones. In the neighborhood of 4 square inches radiating area per tweeter. They put out some clean, open HF! I would not expect any similar design to kick out killer decibels, so if you want to rock, these would not be recommended. They were in a 2-way but I would probably use them as a supertweeter.

James Cameron (September 2001): These Grundig electrostatic tweeters came from a console.

Tweeter repair information (George Russell )

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