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Harry Leiser (April 29, 2009): I owned the retail chain, Leiser Superstores, from 1969 until 1990 when I sold to a group of California investors. Willard, or as we always called him, "Wilbur", worked closely with me personally in the manufacture and design of HLX speakers; selecting cabinet dimensions, driver suppliers and crossover components, to arrive at remarkable sounding product at about half the price of regular brands. Leiser Superstores, Inc. (originally Leiser Sound, Inc.) was the exclusive outlet for Wilbur's speakers, as we bought every one he ever made. As a guess, I would say we sold over 50,000 of them. There was the HLX 2-A $29.95ea., the HLX 5-B, $79.95, the HLX 13, $129.95 and the earliest of the subwoofer systems, the three piece HLX Satellite - I think $299.95. Leiser Superstores had eight stores in RI, MA and CT with about 465 employees at its height. I would be happy to hear comments from any of my old customers. Thanks for your business over the years. By the way, I am now 63 years old - and doing great. Live in New London.

Marcia Wilbur (July 5, 2009): Hi Harry! I came across a site where someone did a refurb of the HLX speakers. Kind of cool. I'm actually searching for a pair to work a refurb project with my sons. Kind of challenging as we are in Arizona these days. Masayo is here in Arizona too. Glad to hear you are doing great. Marcia

Tim Hawkins (September 25, 2010): I have a pair of three way hlx speakers. I purchased them used in 1983 while attending UCONN. They needed tweeters so I replaced the originals with a pair from the shack. they have survived my days of living off campus and many loud parties. In '87 I gave them to my Dad who recently gave them back. He's now 75 and they too big. Much to my surprise they still sound great! They didn't quite push my Bozak LS-250s from the main stage but they are in the garage where I hook them up to air them out! I had them on craigs list but no takers. Now that I know that there is a CONN-ection to to CT I'll hold on to them. The woofer surrounds remain intact (rubber), but the mid surrounds are starting to crack. After 27 years they can still hold it down!

Arthur Markham (October 17, 2010): Art Markham ( October 17, 2010) I still have the HLX 3-way speakers I purchased from Leiser Sound on Rt 12 in Groton, Ct back in 1983, and they still rock the house. I just discovered that the 5 inch speakers need to be replaced. I am looking for any infromation on speaker specs and where to look so I can purchase replacement speakers.


m. wilbur (December 17, 2008): HLX were made by ACR Manufacturing located in Connecticut. These speakers were sold mainly at Leiser Sound locations throughout New England. The president and founder of ACR was Willard L. Wilbur Jr. A subsidiary of ACR Manufacturing was Apature products. Apature sold cartridges, CD cleaning kits, cable, and interconnects. Both businesses were held together by Wilbur. In 1988 Willard Wilbur died. In the mid 1980s Apature was 2nd only to Monster Cable.

Shortly before his death, Wilbur sold his controlling shares of Apature to John Slaga, who had no engineering background whatsoever. Slaga, happened to be a salesperson who worked in an electronics store before he partnered with Wilbur (Wilbur always holding the controlling percentage). Without Wilbur's engineering expertise and ingenuity, Apature's share of the market declined to nearly nothing.

josh (July 14, 2015): I have a sweet pair of Hlx-22 u didn't mAke mention of them so I'm wondering about them, any info would be great thanks

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