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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Tuner Kits

General information [contribute]

Hafler web site (Febuary 10, 2010): David Hafler is regarded by many as the father of high fidelity. His design theory: create products that offer elegantly simple circuitry while providing superior sound.

In the early 1950's this passion and sensitivity of sound quality led to the patented design of the Ultra-Linear transformer technology. This was Hafler's infancy, Dynaco. This new company instituted the "kit" philosophy of customers building their own amplifiers which allowed the David Hafler Company, formed in the mid 1970's, to be very competitive in delivering incredible products like the DH-200 and the DH-500.

In 1987, the Hafler product line was acquired by Rockford Corporation of Tempe, Arizona. This led to more advances in products and technology including the patented Trans-nova power amplifiers.

Now, the largest recording studios in the world have adopted Hafler as their standard. From the single rack space P1000 to the award winning 9505. Hafler is the standard by which your work deserves to be judged.


Hafler website (September 2000): In 1954 David Hafler's 50 watt tube amplifiers shocked the audio world. 22 years years ago, the David Hafler company came to life by allowing audiophiles to assemble the finest amplifiers available. Today, Hafler offers the manufacturing expertise and technical innovations of a world class organization that provides the highest standards in critical listening.

These are some of the Innovative Minds of the Machine

Jim Strickland Vice President of Engineering, Rockford Corporation A published AES member since 1970, Jim holds 9 patents in the audio field and has been leading the engineering effort at Rockford since 1985. His relationship with David Hafler began in 1977. Gary Church Chief Acoustic Engineer, Rockford Acoustic Designs Gary has been an active AES member since 1968. Gary has been designing and developing drivers and systems for over 25 years. His extensive experience and attention to detail has enabled him to lead a talented engineering team to the successful development of the TRM8. Mark Albers Senior Design Engineer, Hafler Mark, an 8 year veteran of Rockford engineering, has been intimately involved in the development of the P1000, P1500, P3000, P7000, 9505 and now the TRM Series. Mark's passion for colorless amplifier circuits will be an incredible benefit to your work.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Eric May (from Hafler) March 2002): Refurbishing on most models can be done at the Hafler factory in AZ. For others that cannot be serviced by us, and for example the "out-of-warranty" repairs we refer to the following service centers:

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