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Ribbon Speakers

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(February 2009) We, The Audio Circuit, choose to list the Heil Air Motion Speakers under Ribbon speakers. Don May pointed out that in the USA the Heil AMT speakers are not generally regarded as ribbon speakers rather in a class of their own called Heil Air-Motion-Transformers.

The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is a loudspeaker mechanism, or audio transducer, invented by Dr. Oskar Heil. It operates on a different principle than both electrodynamic and electrostatic speaker drivers. The AMT moves air in an augmented, semi-perpendicular motion using a folded sheet (made of polyethylene, polyester or polyimide), structured around a series of aluminium struts positioned in a high intensity magnetic field. The AMT was first used in 1970 by ESS (ElectroStatic Sound) a California company based near Sacramento

Precide web site (November 2002): Dr. Oskar Heil, noted physisist and inventor of the Field Effect Transistor, began his research into loudspeaker design, not with abstract theory of how a loudspeaker should work, but with a study of the peculiarities of the human listening aparatus. The result of this intensive year-long research program led to his discovery of the principle on which the Oskar Air Velocity Transformer is based. By applying this principle to the design of a loudspeaker diaphragm, he was able to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in solving the fundamental problems of diaphragm mass, inertia and self resonance. In the following, we describe the results of Dr. Heils research and how it led to the development of the Heil Air Motion Transformer speaker.

Also see ESS. They carry a wide range of Heil Air Motion Transformers. Rick Caudillo (March 20, 2009):




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