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Hitachi web site (December 2003):

Hitachi enjoys a unique position among manufacturers of consumer electronics. Few companies have the resources to absolutely own and control the core technologies behind their products.

Because of this, Hitachi is able to take an integrated approach to design and manufacturing, coordinating the development of key components-from CRTs, lenses and proprietary LSI microprocessors to operating system software and ultra-compact DVD drive transports.

For example, Hitachi designs and builds our own CRTs at a 600,000 square-foot plant on 53 acres in Greenville, South Carolina. From the fabrication of the glass envelopes to the electron guns and sophisticated control circuitry, this facility is responsible for all aspects of CRT production including design, manufacturing, testing and quality control.

The research and development team at the Yokohama lens facility has mastered the fine art and science of projection television optics. This highly-sophisticated craft is unique to but a handful of companies around the world-in fact, Hitachi is the only television manufacturer with the capability to design, develop and build their own lens systems.

Hitachi designs, develops and manufactures proprietary, Large Scale Integration, or LSI microprocessors-the intelligence behind any digital product. Powerful examples include our advanced VirtualHD digital video processor and exclusive DVD Camcorder circuitry.

Hitachi is a partner in the world's most advanced plasma display facility. This highly-evolved operation located in Japan melds research & development with state-of-the-art automation and manufacturing.

Hitachi also owns one of the world's largest television manufacturing facilities in North America where we build the cabinetry and do final assembly, as well as perform testing and quality control operations for a wide range of direct-view, projection and plasma television products.

As you can clearly see, "Completely Hitachi" is no idle claim. It's your assurance that any Hitachi product is completely engineered to be the absolute best in its class.


Hitachi website (July 2001):

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