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Impact web site (October 10, 2009): Compared to some years ago, consumers today are not so demanding about car audio quality. Hence the suppliers of the car audio industry have consequently changed.

Only a few years ago there were many companies in Europe and Overseas, which were inspired by great enthusiasm and were deeply engaged in research and development; the products were not only of excellent quality, but also reflected the typical personality of the manufacturers. Today all this has all but vanished; the growing demand for cheap and trivial car audio led most of those companies to give up the will of distinguish themselves, and to change into trading companies that merely brand and label modest products.

This shall not be surprising: label is less complicated and less expensive than research and development.

Each day It has become more apparent that although the cosmetic appearance and aggressive cost structure of car audio products has increased, the average quality has proportionally decreased...

We at Impact did not follow this marketing trend; we believed and still firmly believe that we will gain reward in striving for higher quality products, research and development, achieving a superior quality and higher performance. It's a mental habit: we are experienced in the development and manufacturing our own products and produce most of them in our own plant. This is our know-how and this is what we endeavour.

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