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Electrostatic Headphones

General information [contribute]

Martin Duerrenmatt (from Precide SA) (November 2002): We have replaced the Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones with the new ERGO headphones, which have the same characteristic as the Jecklin Floats. The electrostatic Jecklin Float has not been replaced with an ERGO Electrostatic unit, but with the ERGO A.M.T. (Air Motion Transformer). The Heil Air motion Transformers are produced here in Switzerland by us. We have more than a decade experience with the A.M.T., since these units are also produced for the Heil A.M.T. and Oskar A.V.T. speakers.

The Jecklin Float headphones are produced by Precide. There are two dynamic units, and one electrostatic headphone. The First Jecklin Float electrostat was produced in 1972 and Precide is manufacturing and distributing these headphones since 1981. paul hayward (November 28, 2005): I have an old pair of Jecklin Float electrostatics with both of the drivers worn out can I purchase new units from you and solder them in myself, I have done this a couple of times before when replaced under the original guarantee, ( I used to play them a bit loud...). I live in London UK. Thanks.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Martin Dürrenmatt (from Precide SA)(November 2002): All Parts, (with the exception of the headphone structure on Jecklin Floats "plastic form") for the Jecklin Floats are available from us, we would appreciate it, if the customers could mention their address on the e-mails, so that we might redirect them to our importers in the different countries.

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