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General information [contribute]

KLH web site (Januari 2001): KLH was founded in 1957 with one goal -- producing superior quality hi-fi loudspeakers at affordable prices. Remember the industry legends of Henry Kloss, Malcolm Lowe, and J. Anton Hoffman? You can find them in the letters "KLH" (Kloss, Lowe, Hoffman)! KLH quickly grew to become a legend in its own right, leading the audio industry with innovative technology, products and high levels of performance previously reserved for only the more affluent audio enthusiast. For over four decades, KLH has been the benchmark for superb sound quality and equally important, outstanding value!

John McEnroe (July 2001): The Model One was KLH's maiden voyage into the world of Hi-Fi. Boxed in the cabinet are 2 12" woofers (manufactured under licence from Acoustic Research) and the tweeter section is a Janszen 1-20 electrostatic speaker. What a marriage. Henry Kloss had the right idea. The model one is so rare, it is not even listed in the blue book. They are about 38" HIGH X 25" W X 16"The Model Nine was introduced in 1964 it had a price tag of $1100 a pair. Despite being sold under the KLH name, this speaker was designed by Arthur Janszen and William Bremmen.

Janszen web site (July 2005): During 1959, JansZen Laboratory's assets were transferred to KLH. A. A. Janszen was made a Vice President, and the KLH Nine was born. In their brochures, regarding the Nine's development and production, KLH described how it had broken with its usual cost model, sparing no expense to make what was simply the most accurate sound reproducer up until that time, and production was indeed exceptionally labor intensive.

A set of production radiators was built into the door to the lab at KLH, and visitors who went looking for the sound source sometimes had to be shown not only where the speaker was, but in some cases that there was a speaker, and not live musicians hidden somewhere. A. A. Janszen was also involved in other projects at KLH, very notably the driver, equalization network, and industrial design for the Model Eight, the first high fidelity FM table radio ever made. It's design and equalization philosophy are still found in the Tivoli Henry Kloss Model One.

Jerry Sprint (July 6, 2009): Henry Kloss began his custom of eponymous products by lending his last name's initial to KLH as a founder in 1957, along with Malcolm Low and J. Anton Hofmann (son of pianist Jozef Hofmann) who had also been investors in Acoustic Research. At Cambridge-based KLH, Kloss continued to build speakers such as the classic KLH Model Five and Six, and produced one of the first small FM radios with high selectivity, the Model Eight. Though KLH was sold to the Singer Corporation in 1964, Kloss remained at the firm for a short time to assist in the development of additional speakers and electronic music products, and the firm continued to attract design and engineering talent. Kloss created the first solid state record player, the KLH Model Eleven. In 1962, he collaborated with Ray Dolby of Dolby Laboratories to develop the B version of the Dolby noise reduction system to reduce tape hiss. This resulted in the KLH Model Forty reel-to-reel tape recorder, Dolby's first foray into the consumer product market. By 1967, Kloss had left KLH. KLH was eventually sold to Kyocera, and production was shifted overseas. By 1979, nearly all of the original design and engineering team had left the company.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Janszen advert

David Janszen (January 2009): Our shop is available for repairing and refurbishing vintage JansZen speakers, and also the KLH Nine. We are not offering parts at this time.

Please visit the Janszen site and contact us with a description of the problem. Photos are helpful. Often, we can supply a provisional price quotation, although diagnostics attempted by telephone or email tend to be inaccurate.

Terry Tekushan (October 2001): The KLH 9 is a full range electostatic speaker with an array of square mid/ bass panels with an offset Janszen tweeter. Bias voltages are 5kv for bass and 1kv for the tweeters. The panels are rebuildable but a pain because they are glued together. But anything is possible. We do this stuff in house using Hostaphan, etc. Power supply problems would be very easy to solve were it not for the fact that the tansformers and supplies are all potted in wax. Its not difficult to melt wax but its a bit messy. The next time I have one open I swear I will actually draw up the schematic and post it. Just have to get around to it. Oy. Hope this helps.

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