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The Lectron JH-50 is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1988 to unknown.

Rick Franchi (October 1, 2009): Hi, guys. This is my first visit to this website. I have a Lectron JH-50 tube amp, so I will offer a little info about it. It is made in France, and designed by Jean Hiraga (hence the JH designation.) I got mine from Mike Hobson, who was at that time a high-end stereo dealer in New York City in the US. He is currently better known as the co-founder of the Classic Records re-issue lp label. Perhaps you can contact him for more information about the company, as he was one of the retailers who imported it into the US. Also, Stereophile Magazine reviewed at least one of the company's products, an integrated amplifier (it got a class A rating), so they may be able to find some info about the company.

The JH-50 sounds absolutely heavenly, when it works (which it dosen't currently....) Unfortunately, I lost my owner's manual, schematics, and tube bias info when I moved a few years ago, or I would gladly offer them to you...If anyone can offer any technical info on this wonderful piece that can help me get it working again, I would really appreciate it. It can be truly magical with my Magnepan speakers, when all is right with the world and Jupiter lines up with Mars....Thanks----Rick Franchi

Enver (May 19, 2010): I have spoken directly to Jean Hiraga and met him at a Lonodn Hi Fi Show, I had a lectron JH50 you are correct magnificent when it works, however he refused to help and as every owner knows he filed uf part numbers so you do not know what is what......

Hiraga is a genius but at the same time a disgrace in the way he refused to support or help people who bought his products.... His stuff is alweays blowing up as it was the cause of a recent fire at a German HI Fi show

I know that there are engineers in Denmark who know how to repair and even modify the unit... I will see if I can get hold of them

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