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General information[contribute]

The Luxman CL-35 is a pre amplifier in the valve amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1976 to 1976.

Dave Kusters (March 31, 2010): The preamplifier which reexamined thoroughly once again PL45 type announced as a preamplifier of the thermionic-tube end, and was completed. The result of having analyzed the overseas prominent product is incorporated and it has become the result which raised completeness much more.

The equalizer circuitry serves as a K-KNF type (scheme which applies NF to cathode from cathode) of a three-step stream composition. This stream composition is raising input characteristics-proof by an in-use cage and especially CL35 also to the Marantz 7 type. NF type of a LUX scheme is adopted as a tone control, and a curving point is switched three height at a time to it. Moreover, a tone control can be flown with a defeet switchpoint.

The filter is two steps of high cuts, and two steps of low cuts. The output stage has adopted the cathode follower circuitry, and its Output load impedance is low and it serves as a stable circuitry which cannot receive influence by variation of supply voltage easily.

It has the socket for boost transformers and MC cartridge is also supported. All CRs currently used inside are attached to the printed circuit board, and it serves as a layout to which the substrate which became independent according to the channel became symmetrical. Moreover, the thermionic tube can do extraction and insertion simply only by removing a protection board on the back.

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