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Madison - Fielding web site (January 26, 2010): Madison Fielding, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer founded in 1983 by Art Powers and Art Powers, Jr. Our amplifiers, remote controls, and multiroom audio systems have been featured in Town and Country, Architectural Digest, and the New York Times.

With a wide range of products and upcoming launches, Madison Fielding strives to provide you new and unique designs all meant for one purpose; delivering rich, crisp, and clear audio for your listening pleasure. Revisit your favorite movies and music albums using our equipment, experiencing them in a brand new perspective.

Our Planter Speakers line is designed to fit any decor. This outdoor line creatively integrates amazing audio into classically designed planters, furniture, & sculptures. To the eye, just a beautifully placed planter with your favorite flowers, but to the ear, an elegant medium of audio bliss and relaxation. Perfect for your pool, patio, yard, and much more, its timeless designs compliment any landscape. With top notch construction, weatherproof materials and the highest quality speakers, they provide the listener with rich warm sound that is second to none. This is the ideal companion to enhance your own and your family's outdoor experience.

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