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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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TAC (January 26, 2010): The Magnum website is currently offline.

Magnum web site (August 29, 2009): Magnum stereo amplifiers are hand crafted, using machine made printed circuit boards where applicable. We concentrate on Stereo rather than surround sound processing. All Magnum units are constructed in United Kingdom using adult labor. We pay meticulous attention to detail and use polished steel to achieve a chrome like effect on our "silver" units. Chrome will tarnish over time so we opt for this more laborious, but longer lasting finish.

Tony Relph has run Magnum Audio since the early 1980's. Based in the London suburbs, Magnum is a small company, and focused mainly on the export market. Commitment to the production of purist stereo audio equipment has resulted in low volume, but high quality and less market exposure than other products in our price range. The Magnum name is derived from a loudspeaker Tony was involved with before the establishment of the present company.

Christopher Small (October 26, 2009): Tony Relph was the co-founder of Rega. (The name Rega was taken from the first letters of the last names of the two founders -- Tony Relph and Roy Gandy.)

Colin Wonfor (February 15, 2010): Now lets get it right, A.C.Magnum was grown from a company called MIH, that was owned by Colin Wonfor, He and Tony formed A.C. Magnum together, and all the designs were based on Colins work. ("A"nthony "C"olin Magnum Ltd).

Then Tony after a very good show decided to lock Colin out of Magnum, (it was in his home) and go it alone after the court case Tony paid Colin for his 50% share. This was OK as Colin Wonfor went on to make Inca Tech, Inca Design, Elsdon Wonfor, Oberon, TOCA, amplifiers. and acted as a consultant for mant other companies.

Now with Tellurium Q Ltd . The list of audio product is a tiny part of his life, he has design for many year power suplies, and invention like Root 2 Ltd low noise solid state relays. Now invention are more of his life than Hi-fi but his love of music goes on.

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