Marantz 15


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The Marantz 15 is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category.

Brian Wallen (July 10, 2005): Marantz Model 15 was Saul Marantz's first production solid state amplifier. It is a dual monoblock design.



Brian Wallen (July 10, 2005): Replacing the original transistors with more modern devices reduces the gritty quality to some degree, but these are never likely to sound as sweet as amps of more modern design. They may last longer, however.


Brian Wallen (July 10, 2005): Like their competition - McIntosh - Marantz electronics were built with components of very high quality. I have two Model 7T preamps that have never been serviced in their 45 year life and are still extremely quiet. My Model 15 was rebuilt at one point and has seen daily service over its life. The Model 15 used early transistors that I find gritty when used as a full range amplifier. I use my Model 15 to drive the low channel of a biamped system and under 100 Hz it provides well defined, well damped output. These amps were a great improvement for acoustic suspension LF drivers popular in the 1960s, because the high damping factors provided better cone control that tube designs usually did.

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