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General information[contribute]

The NAD 2200 is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1985 to unknown.

Bob (June 29, 2009):


Bob (June 29, 2009): The NAD 2200 is a truly ‘dynamic’ power amplifier. Its heart is the unique PowerTracker control circuit (patent pending), which automatically adjusts the amplifier's maximum power output according to the dynamic character of the signal that is being amplified. As befits a product designed for the reproduction of music, the NAD 2200 achieves its maximum power output of 400 to 800 watts per channel when amplifying wide-range musical signals that contain peaks 10 to 20 dB above the average level. But when the amplifier is fed a high and constant signal (i.e. a sine-wave test tone instead of a musical waveform), its maximum output automatically declines to avoid overheating, and eventually levels out between 100 and 200 watts per channel.

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