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Naim Audio website (November 2000): A passionate and committed interest in music is the foundation stone of Naim Audio that has enabled us to design and manufacture what we believe to be the finest sounding range of audio equipment available in the world today.

Founded by Julian Vereker MBE (1945 - 2000), his original inspiration continues to motivate Naim, its people and its designs. While all our products must meet and exceed many measurable parameters we believe that they should, above all, be capable of delivering the kind of musical performance that we ourselves would want to live with. This requires a special and unique approach to component selection and system design along with a highly specialised production environment.

From the remarkable NAIT integrated amplifier to reference products such as the NAC 52 preamplifier, the CDS compact disc player, NAT 01 tuner and the magnificent DBL loudspeakers, the same skills and design expertise have been applied. The result is the acceptance of these products by music lovers world-wide as having no equals in their respective classes.

We have always been cautious of market fashions and believe in being honest with our customers. Consistent top quality musical performance, safety and unsurpassed reliability are highly prized here in Salisbury. Naim users across the globe, including numerous musicians, are our most discerning critics. They demand the very best and we have enjoyed responding to the challenge of bringing them closer to the music. From experience they know that Naim does not release a product unless it has something genuinely new to offer and integrates perfectly into our product range.

Unlike most companies, Naim Audio insists on maintaining complete control over all stages of manufacture. Considerable and long term investment in computer technology has enabled us to explore and research the complex interaction of both mechanical and electronic components, as we strive constantly to expand the boundaries of possibility in a hi-fi system.

While robot insertion machines fit certain components to some of our printed circuit boards, all Naim products are essentially hand-made. Our staff are our most important investment - whether they are setting-up, aligning and testing a tuner (a process that takes up to three hours per unit) meticulously assembling a tone-arm, or a member of one of our superb wiring teams. They all have complete responsibility for each product from start to finish, when it undergoes an exhaustive testing program before it leaves the factory. We even hand-solder and test the special interconnect cables ourselves.

One job we will never entrust to a machine, though, is the final listening test that every product undergoes before it leaves the factory to ensure that it fulfils its most important function - to play music. Of course, this level of craftsmanship requires special training, and Naim runs an extensive in-house programme.

We also have a dealer training scheme whereby retailers from around the world can visit us, here in Salisbury, to learn more about the equipment and see at first hand how it is made and the amount of care we put into its design. We also continue to release more music on our own CD label. Our aim is to preserve the musician's art, not to produce "Holy Grail" audiophile test discs.

The new millennium is an exciting time for us and we are confident that as long as people have a need for music in their lives Naim Audio will continue to provide the answer


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