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Dynamic Speakers

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Norwex web site (January 26, 2010): Oslo, Norway is an unusual point of origin for a Fluvanna County entrepreneur. But that is where Harald Aasland started his lifelong love of high quality sound that has led to his own business. Aasland, from Oslo, Norway, designs, manufactures, and tests every pair of his norwex speakers. Aasland traces his interest in high quality speakers to 1969, when, living in Norway, he read about the Bose 901 loudspeakers in hi-fi magazines. The speakers so interested him that he looked into the research and design features, then contacted Bose to buy a demonstration set. Soon after, he was the exclusive Bose importer for Norway.

When Bose opened its Scandinavian branch, he became national sales manager for Norway, and stayed there until Bose closed the office in 1979. Aasland then sold his hi-fi import and distribution business and moved to the U.S. to work as an automotive engineer for Peugeot and Hyundai Motor America, among others. But he never lost his love of speakers. What he found in stores was unsatisfying, and in 1989, he set out to design a better-sounding, yet smaller, speaker. His goal - to make the speakers sound more natural than Bose, but also better than some highly-regarded direct radiating speakers.

Aasland uses top notch European components and solid, vibration-free, professionally-finished cabinets. He builds his own hard-wired crossover networks, and does all assembly, testing, and break in by himself, using his auditory senses. Aasland has four systems to meet a range of demands for music lovers, audiophiles, or home theater owners. The speakers have what he calls a very high "Spouse Acceptance Factor," as they are about nine inches tall, and therefore true bookshelf speakers. All norwex speakers are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

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