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thomi urgal (May 5, 2011): The company is a family owned manufacturer of loudspeakers. Located in southern Germany in the City Schwaebisch-Gmaend

The company was founded by Gunther Nubert in 1975. He is an acoustic nerd and an xpert in electronics. He owns several patents for electronic HIFI devices and is manufacturing loudspeakers in his company. The Nubert brand is extremely famous in the German HIFI scene and its loudspeakers do have an excellent record. Almost every single product of Nubert is listed in the TOP 100 testing result lists of HIFI journals. Many are within the TOP50 and the company won several awards for their products.

Nubert does not sell via standard reseller shops but through the internet solely. To overcome the bad record internet shops usually have in Germany, Nubert implemented a company code of conduct that is extremely professional and customer orientated. In fact Nuberts Hotline, shop and its customer service do have an excellent record as well. By standard anyone can order on his credit-card and does have 4 weeks of testing. Within this time the speakers can be resent and the charged amount is refunded.

Based on informations in German Web-forums Nubert does never violate its philosophy. Some people state having get cost-free support and spare-parts even their speakers are >10 years age. As a summmary:

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