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  • St. Georgen, Schwartzwald, Western Germany
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Hughes Grand (November 25, 2004): Originally founded in 1906 in St. Georgen in the Black Forest in Germany as the Gebrueder Steidinger and was an amalgam of the 2 engineering workshops run by the brothers Christian and Joseph Steidiger.

In 1911 after the brothers found it increasingly difficult to work together, Christian bought his brothers part in the company but as he could not raise enough capital to pay Joseph for his share he paid him partially in manufacturing equipment and clockwork parts, Joseph used this material to set up a small workshop incorporated as Perpetuum, and while he started out making clockwork parts the company had evolved into a manufacturer of electric motors, turbines and automation devices as early as 1913. Supplied motors to gramophone manufacturers before and during the first world war but began to assemble their own gramophones in 1920.

Perpetuum was one of the first manufacturers to begin to make turntables for home and semi-pro use that featured electric pickups and amplification utilising the Ebner electric tonearm and later when one of the main owner of the Perpetuum company, Hermine Steidinger, married Albert Ebner, the inventor of that very same arm, the 2 companies merged and became PE.

After the second world war it became one of the main suppliers of record changers and turntables to integrators and radio manufacturers, but found success in the early 60's as a supplier of standalone turntables.

Merged with main competitor Dual in 1971 and the trademark was discontinued in 1975. Interestingly enough Dual is the name used by the original Gebrueder Steidinger company after the second world war so this was a reunification of the original company after 60 years.

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