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Dynamic Speakers
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Parasound website (October 2001): About Parasound Just what do you call a person who loves sound? Quite literally, an audiophile. Except this tends to imply an air of technical snobbery and more fascination with the gear than the music. Here at Parasound we make audio and home theater components for people who care more about music and movies than the equipment reproducing them. While we take great pride in our products, we realize that what really matters is their ability to recreate the original experience; to present music and movies with all the subtle details, nuances and impact only a high-performance system can reveal. With Parasound equipment your speakers will seem to disappear. You'll be enveloped in realistic, three-dimensional sound that draws you further into the performance.

It's our mission to bring this sublime experience into the homes of those who appreciate quality and know value. Which is why we build our products to provide a lifetime of enjoyment, then back them with the security of a 10-year limited warranty.

We work with the legendary engineer John Curl, whose innovative research virtually created the concept of high-end audio. To this day, his continuously evolving designs remain the most advanced in the industry. His circuits are elegant, using shorter audio signal paths and employing fewer parts for unparalleled sonic purity.

Parasound's obsession with quality and innovation guides just about everything we do, and the results are extraordinary, creating components that sound and feel better than others in their price range. You can easily spend more money on higher priced audio components, but we're willing to bet you won't hear any improvement. That's Parasound value. Enjoy.

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