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Presence Audio

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Presence Audio web site (August 8, 2009): No pretentiousness in that affirmation. Our store, established 1976, became in the early 80' the number #1, hifi high-end audio dealer in Paris. We were the first to discover and introduce famous brands like Mc INTOSH, THRESHOLD, KRELL, MARK LEVINSON, THIEL, MARTIN LOGAN...

We are authorized dealers for many american brands like CELLO, MARTIN LOGAN, KRELL, NHT, AUDIO RESEARCH, RED ROSE MUSIC, WEGG.. and we represent many other high-end products like YBA electronics, JM LAB UTOPIA speakers, STAX electrostatic earphones, FERGUSONHILL horn speakers, ELECTROCOMPANIET & MERIDIAN electronics and more...

We have many foreign costumers living or having a "pied a terre" in Paris. We take care for them for all the technical matters they dont want to invest in. We supply, install and service many products and we are able to adapt, when it is possible, your equipment for our european power requirement.We are very involved in sound reproduction but we also manage home-theater video projection and flat screen TV installation. We are also specialised in home integration with Crestron remote control facilities and we work with architects for larger projects. We have close relationship with some american dealers. High-end market is a small world and we often meet during shows like at the Las Vegas CES every beginning of the year.


Presence Audio web site (August 8, 2009): March 1976, birth of Présence on the "Montmartre" hill. The shop quickly became the single place where we presented for the first time the achievements of "new the American audiophile wave" . Mark Levinson, Harold Beveridge, Dan D' Agostino, Andy Rappaport, Bill Johnson... came to present their innovations to it at the French amateurs. Stimulated by this enthusiasm, of new European manufacturers and French appeared at Présence: Gilles Millot, Daniel Schar, Michel Reverchon, Denis Lemone...

February 1987, Presence, leader on the market of high-fidelity audiophile, settles on the "Saint Louis" island , in the court of the Hotel of Chenizot, in order to obtain a framework worthy of excellence of its products. March 1995, two new large rooms dedicated to the new techniques of home-theater and video projection come to be added to the previous four.

June 2001. We were looking for more space and also tired from beeing hidden in our court so we decided to move downtown. Today, Présence is settled in the heart of historical Paris, in the district of the "Marais", in order to offer to its customers a better accessibility, conditions of realistic presentations and listening in a large shop on 3 levels on the street.

Six living rooms of listening enable you to discover and appreciate in all peace our equipment as well in musical high-fidelity or home-theater. Our laboratory, still installed in the heart of the store, ensures the service after sale and the maintenance of your equipment Today the team of Presence is, more than ever, available to advise you.

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