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General information[contribute]

The Proton D-540 is a integrated amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1985 to 1991.

Dave (January 28, 2010): Input control (Phono, Tuner, DAD (Digital Audio Device), and Tape 1, 2 multi-directiona Dubbing. The phono input is switchable for MM and MC, 3 capacitance settings, and hi lo cartridge output. ACC (clipping), bridecapable, 2 speaker terminal sets, and 3 A/C outputs.

Winner of the 1987 Audio/Video International Magazine Hi-Fi Grand Prix Award.

Highly regarded by many Audiophiles for its DPD (dynamic power on demand) providing plenty of headroom, Large dual power supplies, DPP 380 WPC into 2ohms for 20ms, Pre out - Main in jumpers (can be used as a Pre amp or Power amp on its own. The amplifier is Bridgeable.

Bubba (January 16, 2011): In 1987 the D540 won "Audio/Video International" magazine's Hi-Fi Grand Prix award.

The Proton D540 is driven by dual power supplies with Proton's dynamic power on demand technology, which increases headroom. In a 100 ms test, the amplifier drives 150 watts per channel to an 8 ohm load, 220 watts per channel to a 4 ohm load and 230 watts to a 2 ohm load, and it has 6 dB of headroom.

The D-540 has outputs for two sets of stereo speakers.

The frequency response curve is from 20 - 20 kHz, +/- 0.2 dB. At the rated power level, the total harmonic distortion is 0.02 percent, and the intermodulation distortion is 0.06 percent. Both distortion levels are so low as to be practically negligible. The damping factor is 90.

The amplifier has a phono input, radio tuner, video, digital audio and two tape inputs with multi-directional dubbing. The phono preamp has a switchable setting for low-output MC phonograph cartridges or high-output MM cartridges, as well as three-way adjustable capacitance for setting the response of the preamp. The amplifier is bridgeable, ( both channels can be used to drive a common mono load.)

Amplifier has an anti-clipping circuit.


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