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General information[contribute]

The Quad 99-CDS is a CD-player. It is part of the 99 series.

Quad web site (July 11, 2011): The 99 CD-S is a 2005 model, offering a high level of sound quality output, but in a simpler format than the CD-P. This model dispenses with the additional digital inputs and the variable output level of the full CD-P.

Using a new transport, our own proprietary loading mechanism, control software and the most advanced decoding with the emphasis on reading data correctly, the CD-S produces a sensational performance without fuss. Mains powered and offered with standard RCA connectors or with a 'bus-link' to be connected through a Quad 99 pre-amplifier, the CD-S is as versatile as it is practical. When used with the'bus-link' system, the CD player is operated through the system remote control (supplied with the pre-amplifier) and dovetails into the system. Power triggers, system commands and balanced audio signals are all communicated through the bus system. The CD-S uses Crystal 24bit/96kHz DACs for a high resolution, detailed soundstage.


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giampietro (February 1, 2014): What belt for the 99 cd-p?

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