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General information[contribute]

The Quad 99-FM is a fm tuner in the tuner category. It is part of the 99 series. It was manufactured from 1999 to now.

Quad web site (July 11, 2011): In many countries FM radio still has the potential to provide the highest fidelity programme quality. The Quad 99 FM Tuner has been designed to make the best use of that potential. The UK has gained a worldwide reputation for the high quality music broadcasts transmitted by the BBC, and as a result, manufacturers such as Quad have considerable experience in designing tuners that receive and reproduce music realistically. The Quad 99 FM Tuner incorporates that experience in full.

The 99 FM Tuner and integrated 99 CD Player are both connected to the rest of the system via our 'Quad Link' bus system, which combines complete system control with balanced line audio transmission. Not only does this make the entire system remarkably easy to control, but provides the cleanest audio signal possible.


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