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General information[contribute]

The Quad ESL-2805 is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Reference series.

James Wong (February 5, 2006): The Quad's engineers have re-thought through the principles on how the electrostatic panels are held together and braced. The new models build upon their predecessors' strengths with a construction centred on tensioned aluminium extrusions coupled to a stainless steel support structure. The substantial new base construction is finished with a piano black lacquered wooden trim and high-quality terminations. Perhaps the most visually striking addition to each loudspeaker is an aerofoiled tensioning strut. This greatly reduces bending motions in the panels -and their chassis - while reproducing music. The overall effect of all these changes is a considerably stiffer, stronger loudspeaker.

Quad web site (July 11, 2011): The ESL-2805 is the smaller of the two models using six panels rather than the 8 of the larger model. The inner two panels of the ESL-2805s construction, again utilise the concentric anode rings for point source imaging, and the outer rings are again linear in their response. Whilst absolute bass extension and dynamic ability is less than it's larger brother, the ESL-2805 offers a sublime performance.

The clarity of mid-range for which the Quad are most famed is fully in evidence, as is the sparkling detail and transparency that has long been the hallmark of this series. Their response characteristics are virtually identical and a base weight of 34.8kg together with the rigid bracing, ensures they are suitably deep in bass and dynamic enough to fill all but the largest of listening rooms. For the Quad aficionado without the need or desire for the additional bass extension of the larger model this, the smaller of the ESLs is still regarded as the pinnacle of electrostatic refinement.


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