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Arcici stands by Christian Steingruber


Christian Steingruber: Arici is the only manufacturer who supplies stands for both Quad speakers. The stands are the Q-1 for the ESL 63 and the Q-2 for the ESL 57. The recommended retail price for both models is 300 US dollar per pair. By the way, the Aricicis I bought for my former '57 were rather badly manufactured.

Arcici Q-1

Arcici Q-1 with a ESL 63 (Ray Shab)

Q-1 The only commerically available stand for the QUAD ESL-63 which works with the construction of the QUAD instead of against it. Clamped firmly to the upright channels that make up the sides of the ESL-63, it becomes an integral part of the loudspeaker. It gives the whole a rigidity and stablility that, up 'til now, has been unattainable. 49" high, it raises the panel of the ESL-63 16½" from the floor. All steel construction. Satin black finish. $300,- (pair)

Q-2 New stands for the original QUAD ESL. Infinitely adjustable for height (8" to 18") and tilt (0 to 15 degrees). $300,- (pair)