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General information[contribute]

The Quad ESL-63 is an electrostatic speaker. It was manufactured from 1981 to 1999.

Steve (July 14, 2011): In May 1981, Quad officially presented the Quad ESL-63, then known as FRED (Full Range Electrostatic Doublet).

The ESL-63, a full-range electrostatic, uses two concentric electrodes controlled by a sequential delay circuit so that the movement of the diaphragm produces a sound pattern that is identical to an ideal point source.

The advantages of this new approach were so evident that the first full year of production was sold out within the next two months. In the end they sold 35.000 units of this model.


Refurbishing, ESL 63, information

Spare parts needed to refurbish the ESL 57 and ESL 63
Stewart penketh' Step by step guide (by Stewart Penketh, January 2001)
Peter Kant ESL repair (link provided by Christian Steingruber)
Nick Gowan ESL 63 repair, so far only an E-mail addres (provided by John Ravenscroft)

Refurbishing, ESL 63, services

One Thing Audio One Thing Audio provides replacement panels for both 57's and 63's.
Stewart Penketh repair service for ESL 63 panels (by Stewart Penketh, January 2002)
Quad Musicwiedergabe GmbH They sell all the parts for the Quad ESL 57 and other Quad parts. They obtained the original Quad stretching jig for assembling the panels. Nice catalog on request.
QS & D, Specialised in repairing the Quad ESL 57 and ESL 63


Modifications, ESL63

Daniels Audio (provided by Christian Steingruber) Mods on the ESL 63
SME modified Quad ESL-63 (provided by Christian Steingruber)
Crosby Audio Works (provided by Bruce Weisberg) Mods on the ESL 63
Erol Erkmen System pictures and modification on the ESL 63 (provided by Erol Erkmen, March 2003)

Add on's, ESL 63

Gradient Subwoofer SW-63
Arcici stands
Celtic Subwoofer
DIY subwoofer (by Geert Meddens) Also very good pictures of the ESL 63
John's semi-antipodal folded baffle dipole sub-woofer for the Quad ESL 63

Stacking, ESL 63

Stacking Quad ESL 63's (Stewart Penketh, November 2001)
Build your own Quad ESL 989's (Stewart Penketh, April 2003)

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