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General information[contribute]

The Quad II Forty is a power amplifier in the valve amplifier category. It is part of the Classic series. It was manufactured from 2000 to now.

Quad web site (July 11, 2011): The Quad II-forty retains the elegance of the 1950s Quad II but with a level of sophistication, a build quality and finish rarely seen on any product old or new. The chassis has been substantially increased in size to accommodate the much larger components, all of which are hard wired by hand following a similar topology to the original. The modern listener demands a higher output than the fifteen watts of the original Quad II. The new Quad II-forty uses larger output valves, KT88s instead of KT66s, and a more robust power supply utilising a 5U4G rectifier valve. The input valves are now military specification 6SH7s instead of EF86s.

All Quad products are expected to last a lifetime - even longer. Many Quad customers still derive immense pleasure listening to products built over fifty years ago. These new amplifiers are no exception and with periodic servicing and a caring hand you can expect the performance of these amplifiers to continue for many decades to come.


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