RTR 240-D

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General information[contribute]

The RTR 240-D is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1975 to unknown.

Kenneth Devore (October 8, 2010): I have a pair of RTR 240D speakers that I bought in 1975.



Brian Barlow (May 6, 2006): Wow. These speakers are really great. The Tall enclosure amplifies the bass nicely. The array of tweeters on the upper portion speaker create a wide sound stage high enough to clear most sofas and still hit you at your ear level.

Aaron Hardin (September 26, 2009): HEY i just purchased these and i cant seem to get ANY bass response at all. So far all i hear is tweet tweet and more tweet. I can say both woofers and mids are perfect order and work. I may have it wired weird. I'm going out from my Z5500 system running straight to them. Any help?

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