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General information[contribute]

The Realistic 2-A is an electrostatic speaker. It is part of the Electrostat series.

O. (April 2000): The 2a speaker specifications are: Frequency 45-20,000; Crossover 5,000, power capacity: 60 watts; Impedance: 8 ohms. Contains 4element tweeters, bass energized, built in attenuator, 8 inch speaker. This might be of assistance to others.

I have a pair of the 2a which I find to be superb. These are NOT boom boxes but offer a very fine clear, pure musical sound. I had a pair I bought new in the late 60's later sold them but later acquired the 2a. These continue to be part of my system and are over 30 year old.

I find the new electrostats from various makers probably too expensive for my retired status and the frequencies of the 2a are 45-25000 which I always found to be most adequate. Why, however, do they seem to perform the same whether plugged in or not??? I took mine to a Martin Logan dealer to have them checked out and he could not offer any reason for the performance being the same whether plugged in or not. Comments welcome.

John Hamm (December 2004: An interesting pair of electrostatics were the Electrostat 2A sold by Radio Shack in the mid-70s. These speakers were the size of a medium pair of bookshelf speakers. Typical size of a 10 inch woofer in acoustic suspension cabinet. But well made and very heavy. They actually used real wood products then, not the flimsy lightweight flake board common today. They consisted of a 10 inch, maybe 8 inch, woofer and 4 gold-leaf single-ended electrostatic panels. The woofer overloaded the electrostats but in retrospect I think the single-ended panels they used deserve more attention. The problem is I can't find any!

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