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The Realistic LAB-2100 is a turntable. It was manufactured from 1985 to unknown.



John Slayter (February 21, 2009): A replacement for the tiny tone arm drive belt is available from


M.R. Wilson (January 18, 2007): While most discerning audiophiles wouldn't be caught dead listening to a Radio Shack deck, and there is an unfortunate stigma equating Realistic with sub-par *cheap* electronics - this one might surprise you. The Japanese build quality is excellent, even if styling is a little lacking by todays standards. The integrated lid holds itself open, or can quickly removed and replaced when the mood strikes. The case is made of molded plastic and the base is pressed steel, not particleboard like a lot of budget decks. The sound quality is pleasing and consistant from the first track of the album side to the last, something that's not easily accomplished with non-linear tracking decks without numerous minute adjustments. Surface noise on albums that are less than mint seems not as overpowering as on my other system: probably more a function of the audiotechnica stylus than anything else. I found myself more able to ignore the clicks and pops that were there and just enjoy the music. Sure, I could nit-pick about the soundstage, bass-response, or other largely subjective criteria, but why? This deck sounds nice with next to no set up time - a blessing for those who just wish they could play that stack of old records in the closet without all the fuss. Just plug it in and play. And it only cost me $25 CAD used, and for that price, it's worth every penny.

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