Realistic STA-2600

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General information[contribute]

The Realistic STA-2600 is a receiver in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1987 to unknown.

James Wilson (November 17, 2009): 1987 Realistic STA-2600 - "New for '87," boasting 100 watts per channel RMS. The most sensitive FM tuner of any Radio Shack receiver ever sold, typically 1 ┬ÁV after alignment. Four-stage front end with 3 280 kHz ceramic filters; not very selective.

Adding a second bandwidth and some 150 kHz ceramic filters makes this a DXing machine. WARNING: These receivers are notorious for having several bad/intermittent solder connections, so get that soldering pencil warmed up, you could be resoldering these connections for a while.


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