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Regency Electronics web site (July 28, 2009): Regency Technologies, Inc. is a spin off of RELM Demand Side Management, a division of RELM Communications, Inc. (today: RELM Wireless). RELM is the successor company of Regency Electronics, Inc.

Regency specializes in a niche market called the Electric Utility Load Control or Load Management market. We produce Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio switches to control air conditioners, water heaters, pool pumps, heat strips, capacitor banks and irrigation pumps in the field. The lion share of control is the electric utility residential customer. Commercial and Industrial customers of the utility are also controlled.

The need for Load Management or Demand Side Management (DSM) arose from consumer demand and diminishing fuel resources. Increasing costs of constructing new generating capacity and the situation facing electric utilities is one of the most crucial energy problems in the country.

Conservation is an obvious answer. Yet even if a customer is conscientious about voluntary turning off lights, the chances are great that high power consuming appliance such as air conditioners, water heaters, pool pumps and the like will be allowed to run without checks. These appliances alone consume vast amounts of electrical power each day. Some of these appliances could be pulled off for a few minutes each day with no reduction of comfort for the utility customer.

What such a reduction in power demand could do for the utility is impressive, even alleviating the high cost of building additional peaking generation plants to even large coal or nuclear generating stations. At the lowest possible end of the cost effect scale, load management can significantly reduce the cost of producing power for communities. Likewise, load management can effectively reduce the consumers utility bill, with the subsequent benefit of prolonging our supply of energy producing resources.

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