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General information[contribute]

The Sansui A-1200 is a integrated amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1985 to unknown.

Rob (June 15, 2009): The Sansui A-1200 is 120 watts/channel integrated amplifier. It measures a compact 17'x 9'x 5' inches and weighs 15 lbs. 4 oz. Other components were designed to match and work with it and all had the computer display screen look, such as the tuner T-700.

DRamey (February 25, 2010): The one that I have is rated at 125 watts per channel. The first one broke under warranty. The hi fi shop gave me a loner for at least a year while they worked on it. As of 2010 it still works with only the face plate coming loose and some dead diodes.

I believe I bought mine around 1983 to 1984.

All of my old Japanese transistor stuff keeps right on going and going exept for the belt drive stuff. I also have the T700 too.

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